Gongs and Tam-Tams: A Guide for Percussionists, Drummers and Sound Healers
by Philip McNamara

‘Gongs and Tam-Tams: A Guide for Percussionists, Drummers and Sound Healers’ is a one-stop shop covering all aspects of these fascinating instruments. With information about their construction, history, and playing techniques as well as the paraphernalia needed in terms of beaters, cases and stands, cleaning and care, and a comprehensive listing and description of many of the gongs available today or in the recent past.

This book is intended for anyone interested in gongs, from players through to sound healers, including composers, music arrangers, and students of music, metallurgy and percussion history. It is believed to be the first book of its kind in the World.

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inc EU P&P £15.15 (+ £5.15)
inc Rest of World P&P £17.90 (+ £7.90)

"The book you sent is GREAT! I can't stop reading it and I hope Philip McNamara publishes the sequel soon!!" - Gongs Unlimited Customer, USA
"This is exactly the book I was searching for to begin my gong journey." - AG, France
"With so many gongs to choose from, this was exactly the kind of advice I needed to make a choice." - Anon, UK

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Sound Healing with Gongs: A Gong Book for Beginners
by Sheila Whittaker

'Sound Healing with Gongs: A Gong Book for Beginners' is one of the first books about gongs and their use for therapeutic work. The 167-page book has been written in plain simple language for anyone to understand. It includes a colour photo section and fun, quirky illustrations by talented young artist Emma Pattihis.

This book covers many topics including: Using Gongs for Sound Healing; the Origins of the Gong, How the Gong is made, the Sound of the Gong, the Gong as a Tool for Relaxation and Stress Relief, The Gongbath, Techniques for Playing and Harmonics and the Golden Mean.

Book Price £12.00
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inc Rest of World P&P £19.90 (+ £7.90)

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CD - Gongs of the Four Elements: Fire
by Philip McNamara

Phil’s first CD, Gongs of the Four Elements are a planned collection of CD recordings of various gongs associated with the four elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water either through their name or by association due to their characteristics or esoteric qualities assigned to them various people.

In ‘FIRE’, six gongs have been chosen for their association with this element together with a Symphonic Gong which acts as a unifying force for all 4 elements – a Fifth Element, if you like. They are associated with either the Sacral Chakra (which controls the reproductive and excretion organs) and the Solar Plexus Chakra (digestive and respiratory organs) with their yellow/yellow-orange/orange colours.

8 Tracks – Total 55 minutes

1) Oetken ‘Sun’ Gong
2) Paiste Sound Creation ‘Sun’ Gong
3) Paiste Sound Creation ‘Fire’ Gong
4) Tone of Life ‘Fire’ Gong
5) Paiste Planet Gong ‘Jupiter’
6) Paiste Planet Gong ‘Mars’
7) Paiste 40” Symphonic Gong
8) Gong Meditation – TOL Fire Gong, Paiste Mars Gong, Paiste Symphonic gong, Singing Bowls, Koshi wind chimes ‘Fire’, Paiste Tuned Gong E4.

CD Price £9.00
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Gongs For Sale

I occasionally import a limited number of Chau and Wind gongs from China.

These are made by Arborea Cymbals and Gongs who are currently one of the most innovative cymbal manufacturers in China.

The typical prices shown below include bag, chinese beater and postage to UK mainland.

Orders normally take 6 - 8 weeks if not in stock.

Sizes range from 12”/30cm to 60”/152cm.

Please email me for further information or to discuss placing an order.

Wind Gong 24”/60cm - £250 32”/80cm - £470
Lotus Wind Gong 24”/60cm - £360 32”/80cm - £620
Chau Gong 24”/60cm - £275 32”/80cm - £575