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Welcome to my website. My name is Phil McNamara and I'm a percussionist, sound healer and lover of all things 'gong'.

My own interest in gongs - or more specifically 'tam-tams' - extends back nearly forty years to a time when I was finding my own likes and dislikes in classical music and developing an interest in the large symphonic works of the late 19th Century as well as British, American and Russian composers of the 20th Century.

One percussion instrument caught my ear, often being used at dramatic moments in the music to underpin a climax, round off a passage or section of the score, or quietly add to a brooding atmosphere. Reading of the scores revealed this instrument to be a 'tam-tam' though some scores referred to it as a 'gong'. Curiously, some scores had more than one, being referred to as gongs and tam-tams in the same piece. Also, different orchestras had different sounding tam-tams, often dependant on what part of the world the orchestra came from.

This prompted many questions in my mind, and I set about figuring out the answers to satisfy my curiosity.

Phil and the world's largest production gong - a Paiste 80" Symphonic Gong

Gong Information, Sound Healing & Events

This website provides some basic information about the history and making of gongs, with further details about western gongs like Paiste and Sabian and eastern gongs from countries such as China and Indonesia.

There is further information about a number of independent gong makers like Steve Hubback and Matt Nolan and regarding the use of gongs in sound healing, plus events and links to other gong related sites.

For really detailed stuff about gongs, try my book 'Gongs and Tam-Tams: A guide for percussionists, drummers and sound healers'. It is intended for anyone interested in gongs, as well as composers, music arrangers and students of music, metallurgy and percussion history.

In the shop you will find other gong related books and CD's.